Saturday, September 28, 2013

A great photo of Austro-Hungarian uniforms

As I continue to ponder details for the eastern front project, I found this on the web (yes a Wiki page) .. and I don't think that it has been colourised. An interesting perspective on uniform colours.


The Russian guard uniforms are interesting too.

The photograph is labelled as of 1915 vintage. Now, back to some more Russians.


  1. That's gorgeous, especially since it's nearly a hundred years old. Not a far cry from a bunch of Confederates.

  2. The picture is by a Russian called Prokudin-Gorskii who perfected a method of producing colour images using a special camera producing 3 images on black and white film taken through colour filter, using the same colour filters on a projection machine similar to a magic lantern when projected created a true colour image in great detail more so then is possible on colour film alone... unfortunately we got saddled with Kodak:-) check the link for more excellent pics and an explanation of the process:

    Best Regards

  3. That's really interesting.. so each b/w image differed because of the colour filter used?
    Are you able to explain how these then came together to create the colour? The colour in this image is IMO extraordinarily good.

    Thanks again