Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cultists/Mutants.. enjoyable painting.

After a long drawn out term I've finally finished the most recent painting project: the 20 Cultists from the latest WH40K boxed set. Last year three of us held a small painting competition in which we aimed to paint 400 points of 40K figures for Combat Patrol, and I chose Lost and the Damned. Since then the most recent rules version and Chaos Codex have come out, and L&tD has become the generic name for Chaos. Mutants have disappeared (were they ever really there?) and humans in the service of Chaos are termed Cultists.

I have quite enjoyed the painting (even though I can't quite say the same for the games rules) and so indulged myself with the purchase in order to paint some more figures. I decided to use the same theme that I'd used for my existing Mutants: pale flesh tones, rag-tag camouflage uniforms and dark base finish in order to tie these latest Cultists in with the earlier efforts.

Latest cultists mixed with the earlier mutants

And again alongside the earlier mutants
They seem to work in well together. Now competent 40K 'gamers will probably tell em that these will never be the basis for a competitive Chaos army, but.., hey .. that wasn't the aim. I've had fun painting them.

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  1. Nice work Robin. (Must say, the mutants, well...not my cup of tea!) Those humans could have any number of uses - Judge Dred gangers come to mind...