Thursday, October 3, 2013

Austrian and Russian command and support stands

Some of those stands you always put off when you embark on a project: command and support. The first are two FAO stands for the Austrians.

A divisional command stand for the Austro Hungarians as well. These figures all come from the HaT AH Support Weapons box.

The Russians needed a second divisional command stand, and a Corps command stand.

I decided to use the higher echelon uniform colours: green tunic, and blue trousers. Why? It might be appropriate, and I was getting bored painting khaki.

The Corps command stand

The second divisional command stand

I also needed to provide a little more support for later war games (although the availability of trench mortars for the Russians was severely limited despite the theoretical TOEs). All of the Russian figures here came from the HaT Russian support weapons box.

The common thread here is still 'finishing' existing projects. The figures for these stands have sat in boxes for quite some time. There's more on the painting table as I type.

Why the flurry of activity? Several reasons really. It's term break. I'm injured (having pinched a femoral nerve) and so unable to train for dancing. Both of these mean that I have more time right now. Finally, with the impending demolition of house and games room prior to rebuild, I'm sorting, and where there are boxes of figures or vehicles that I could paint in order to get rid of the boxes, that's what I'm trying to do.

It also means that I end up buying  more figures as I realise I just need a few more of these or one more of those, but.. well, you know how it is.


  1. Do they come with the dog sled?? Very cool piece, and nice work in general.

    Sorry to hear about the pinched nerve! I'm coming right from a bicep strain myself, just in time for the Leipzig refight this weekend thank goodness as reaching over a six foot table with it would have been nasty. This is Mark by the way and I've finally stuck up a blog too... :)

  2. Mark

    Yep.. the dogs/sled are a part of the HaT Austrian Heavy Weapons box set. Yep the ol' bicep strain would have been dodgy. I can't actually stand for longish periods (as in more than 5 minutes) so 'gaming is on hold.. might try a few DBA or HotT over a sit down table etc.. about the only option currently.

    What's the blog name/address?


  3. Nice looking stands. I like the green and blue, it looks good and it does break up the monotony of the khaki. Bummer about the pinched nerve, rest up. I'm taking the day off exercise because my right hip and shoulder both feel abnormally sore. I also hadn't realized that your house was being knocked down. You do have a lot on your plate. Best wishes.