Wednesday, October 2, 2013

That's progress... 20mm Russians for 1914

Marking a small milestone here, with the last of the fighting stands completed for the Russian 1914 Division. There were 16 fighting stands missing, as I'd mistakenly read the OOB at 4 regiments of 3 battalions instead of 4 regiments of 4 battalions (it evolved into the former, but later in the war). So over this past week I set to and painted the remaining figures that I had in storage.

Mind you the Attack list I have devised for the Russians uses two understrength divisions as the basis for an understrength Corps. so there are enough fighting stands here for both understrength divisions. However I'm still well short of the support stands, MMGs in particular in this early stage of the war (this is Gumbinnen/Tannenberg stuff).

The 16 additional fighting stands completed

The division with artillery, and cavalry (the cavalry here represent more than just the few squadrons of divisional cavalry though)
Back now to the Austro-Hungarians to complete that division. The AH boys will no doubt fight alongside their German allies on the table top. I'm still using up figures bought some time ago, but will need to buy a few more infantry, and some guns, courtesy of Hat. I have also ordered some Irregular AH cavalry .. these should make a nice colourful addition on the table top.

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