Saturday, December 21, 2013

Couldn't resist these ...

On one of my now numerous visits to Dunedin, and the corresponding visit to their major hobby shop, I spotted a box of the Italeri M3 75mm half tracks. I'd been on the look out for more of the Italeri quick build M3 half tracks for the British armoured regiment (the Spearhead army in 20mm).

I thought that the 75mm gunned vehicles would make nice AT for the nascent 20mm American force.

What I didn't realise at the time was that these M3s were only used in North Africa and Sicily/Italy, by both the Brits and the Americans. There are more effective AT options for the North West Europe American forces, but these are .. well,.. 'kinda cute' (is it right to apply that adjective to weapons of war??).

Having bought them, it seemed a shame not to assemble them, and they may well appear with the American forces once complete, Italy or otherwise.

That's another box gone from the games room and into the recycling bin. I'm slowly whittling down on the number of boxes to be packed away.


  1. Following your impressive work is bringing WW2 closer and closer to my own workbench, carry on Sir, carry on!

  2. He! He! I will

    I think that unless you are a modeller (and I certainly can't lay any claims in that direction) the motivation comes from finding a set of 'games rules that match your paradigm for warfare in any specific era.

    The Spearhead rules sets do that for me. It's a very personal thing. Prior to this, the world of 20mm modelling and gaming had sat moribund for me for 15+ years.

    Even then it was a matter of finding an opponent who shared both the rules likings AND the scale liking. I have a great opponent in 6mm, and I just needed to find someone likewise in 20mm - obviously I now have both :-)