Friday, February 28, 2014

First of the new American armour ...

More pottering, still with the 20mm Spearhead forces - since I've been enjoying the assembly of kits (a pleasure I'd foregone for several decades). I recently purchased several boxes of the Armourfast kits to complete the armoured component of the US forces.

This first box contained two M4A3 tanks (with 76mm guns). Post June 1944 the US TOEs allow one or two of these to supplement the M4s, so this is the total of these more powerful tanks for the army.

They will also of course do double duty if the 1950 Korean War project ever gains any traction. As always the Armoufast kits are indeed fast assembly, and the biggest time was taken simply making the time to sit down and paint and assemble them. The assemble cleanly, and are nicely molded. I can't comment on their accuracy.

Now to the next box ...

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