Saturday, March 1, 2014

Great War Spearhead II Scenario supplement

No secret - I'm a huge fan of WW1 games played using Shawn Taylor's Great War Spearhead rules. Shawn, with Robert Dunlop, recently published the revised second edition of the rules set and have announced plans to complete a series of scenario supplements. I have just proofed an early draft of the first supplement, featuring a series of 1914 western front scenarios recreating a series of actions from August/September 1914.

What can I say but ... truly excited. The scenarios set an interesting range of tactical positions and a fascinating series of command challenges, exactly the sort of thing that GWSH is so good at recreating.

If you are any sort of WW1 war games fan at all, keep your eyes peeled for this book. I doubt that you will be disappointed when the book arrives.

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