Sunday, March 16, 2014

Renaissance 'gaming and DBR

I've had  along standing interest in the renaissance as  a wargames period, and partly acquired (form Stuart A, wargames friend from waaaaaaaay back), partly painted a Royalist ECW army many years ago. I fell out with the DBR rules (that's probably a couple of decades ago).

A couple of years back Keith introduced me to the condensed scale DBR (DBA sized games using DBR), and I clearly enjoyed them so much I sorted the basing of the entire Royalist camp (they'd been based in thin card, and my preference these days is for thicker bases that don't slide around as much, abut each other more easily etc.) I don't recall the games, but they obviously had an impact.

I hadn't got back to the rules since then, and when Keith suggested a game last Friday I suggested DBR. We played 300 points in a thoroughly enjoyable evening's game. Basically I had a ball (although that is as much to do with the company as the game), and it remind me of PRECISELY the reason I play games in the first place.

My own bumbling incompetence  alongside some good coaching from Keith, gave me a win, but that was immaterial and inconsequential in the context of the game. It was just damned good 'gaming.

I've been pottering with Armati rules for renaissance for a few years now.  This latest great experience in no way diminishes my liking for Armati. These are still good rules too. I was again pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed DBR. Interestingly I have enough ECW bases/figures that I could field a 300 point Royalist army AND a 300 point Parliamentarian army.

Matched opponents .. does it come any better?

So, more DBR looks to be around the corner.


  1. The godly forces of Parliament are ready to face your Royalists when next you venture out of the safety of your fortifications.

  2. For ECW games, DBR works brilliantly. It doesn't work well with early Renaissance vs later period, thanks to technology changes, but as long as you play 'in-period' it makes a great game.

  3. I've got a bunch of DBR on my desk too Robin! Playing Keith this weekend so will have to do my own review.

  4. Mark

    For the past 10 years + my games diet has been mostly HotT/DBA and Kings of War, with some Spearhead thrown in for good measure. The SH has been the only thing with what I'd call wargaming rigour. It has perhaps been much like living on a diet of sweets, with no meat and vegetables.

    I really wasn't sure whether it was a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder , or what.. I really enjoyed the game. Even at 300 points it felt 'meatier', and satisfying. Enjoy your game.

  5. Started DBR as well but too complicated for me, the army lists are superb though. I switched to DBA-RRR which is the basic DBA game fitted to the Renaissance.
    Army lists, etc. are for download from the FADBAG Yahoo group site, info also on Fanaticus site. In fact there is a discussion there at the moment of both systems (Pike and Shot) board.