Sunday, March 16, 2014

US M10 AT support

I started the process of packing up the 'games room yesterday. Over the past few months I've been progressively sorting boxes, and discarding or giving away unwanted material. A lot of it fell into that most luscious of categories of 'aspirational purchases', a turn of phrase I've picked up from colleague, friend and wargames opponent Andrew T. I've also assembled/painted/completed quite a few of those kits/boxes of figures as well, so there is a lot to be said for aspirational purchasing.

As a consequence a number of projects have made a lot of progress, not the least of which has been the 20mm US 1944 force designed to play Spearhead (again these will double for the Korean conflict too). This project was a late comer to the wargaming stable, after I decided to make use of the US infantry that my son had painted up probably a decade or more ago to play Rapid Fire. We never did, so those troops had sat in the games room unused, hidden away in a box.

The project has required some additional purchases, and I've just completed what will probably be the last of the US armour, these two M10 tank destroyers which provide the AT component for the US armoured OOBs (Light and Heavy divisions). These are the Armourfast M10s, simple yet effective fast build models. I could have tried to detail them a lot more, put crew in the turrets etc (the open turrets certainly lend themselves to this) but at this stage I'm not really in the frame of mind for this. Maybe, one day .... I do have some of the necessary 'gubbins' in the spares box.

I do need to take a little more care when 'lining out' ... but things are a little rushed as our move looms on the horizon.

However one thing is for sure, the need to sort and pack has certainly had benefits in terms of the assault on that pile of lead and plastic. Predictably of course I have on several occasions given material away thinking I'll never use it, only to come up with a realistic use for it within a week or so .. those good old laws of the Universe, eh!!

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