Saturday, May 24, 2014

Royalists cede the field ... but the King lives on!!!

Several months ago I rekindled an old love affair with DBR. Our love had grown cold and I had spurned her as she went through pone of those odd unlikeable phases, but there she is again, resplendent in her glory. Several weeks ago now I was invited to a four person game at Keith's place, with Keith, Brian and visiting Australian Roger.

Keith and I each fielded 300 points of Royalists while Brian and Roger did likewise with Parliamentarians. I had forgotten that I had these photos, all taken from the Royalist side of the table. The intervening weeks have meant that my memory is vague on the details, but the battle didn't end well for the Royalists.

Anyway, enjoy the photos. I certainly enjoyed the game.


  1. Awesome game and miniatures!

    1. His Majesty the King send you his most salubrious salutations Sir..:-)

    2. You are most welcome Sire, good news I managed returning the unloaded dice to the Parliamentarians. Do you think they noticed the one's and two's on their rolled dice during the game? :o)