Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The temporary games room is christened

First game in a few weeks, a mid week game with Adrian in the new (temporary) games room, and it was a 15mm ACW game fought using the 15mm ACW armies. Lack of time and so no real AAR, just a selection of random photos.

Union troops advance into a town sector

A regiment of Union cavalry. These boys soon dismounted and fought through the wilderness

Facing off across a river

The gap in the line was the result of  a failed morale check.. those M4 troops eh!!

The centre ... while the Union line looked solid, the battles on both flanks had gone to the Confederate forces. Withdrawal was in the offing
An interesting game, with my VnB skills rusty with disuse.. but great to get the boys out on the table top.


  1. Nice pictures and beautiful troops!

  2. Good to see the troops on the table! We had an excellent 1806 game last night which went down to the wire. Volley & Bayonet are a great set of rules.

    1. Keith
      That's exactly it.. In 15 years ( I first started playing when Adrian introduced me to the rules in 1999) I don't recall a bad game, just bad generalship LOL