Saturday, October 18, 2014

Longlier 1914

Jon, Keith and I played a 'test' of the draft Longlier scenario from the upcoming Scenario Book Number 1 for Great War Spearhead. We met in Jon's 'games room, and played the game using Jon's 10mm forces, the first time they'd been on the table, and the first time I'd seen them. They are a delight.

The scenario sees German and French forces advancing in road column, stumbling upon each other in a classic meeting engagement. Jon had adapted the scenario a little, giving the Germans a small cavalry detachment and some additional guns, as he wasn't convinced that they had the strength in 'games terms to have a chance of winning the battle. In hindsight we are not so sure.

German cavalry lead the advance

The first German infantry regiment follows behind

A French cyclist company (a cavalry stand doing duty as cyclists .. not sure what a cavalryman would make of that!!) occupying Longlier, well in advance of the French forces

Overview of the German advance after 3 turns

The German advance is well underway, and the French forces can be seen on the far side of the table

Two German regiments were held in reserve on the German left, and once contact was made the reserves were committed to attack the flank of the advancing French

French forces in the centre

French forces now hold Neufchateau

The advanced German forces (cavalry now dismounted) begin the exert pressure on the French

The German pressure builds, and German infantry have now crossed the bridge in the centre of the photograph, looking to establish themselves in the large wood to the left of the photo

French troops at Neufchateau

German cavalry have pushed forward and taken the village of Longlier from the French
This push across the river bridge yet again provided evidence that the secret to success in the rules system is to mirror the actual tactics of the time: engage the enemy in a firefight, bring down sufficient firepower to win the firefight, and then (and only then) use movement to exploit the success. Patience is critical.

Infantry now surge across the river in support of the cavalry that have taken Longlier

The German left flank advances, two infantry regiments with artillery support. The French commander has committed his own reserve (at the top of the photo) to hold the flank of the position.
At this point we had to stop the game, we'd spent too much time yarning. However Jon and Keith will complete the action next week.

On first reading the scenario looks only mildly interesting. However we quickly discovered that it is complex and challenging. As we'd found with our play-test of Morhange a month or so before, there will be a lot of fantastic 'gaming on offer when the new scenario book comes out.


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