Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Soviet guns for the 20mm Spearhead army.

Stan arrived last week with a box of figures and kits, something like Santa Claus (although he hardly has the stature). Included were these two Zvezda kits of Russian guns. I understand that they are produced to go with a model based board game than  Zvezda produces. I took these two kits immediately.

The 76mm Infantry Gun appears as a battalion support weapon, and I've not been able to use these before because I've had no suitable kits.

The 122mm goes into the standard mixed artillery battalion which in Spearhead terms is composed of two batteries of 76mm guns, and one of these 122mm.

The 122mm

The 76mm Infanry Gun

The kits are lovely clean affairs, with some nice detail. If anything the detail is a little fine,.and I had to be very careful with the assembly. The locating pins for some parts were finely moulded, but didn't always line up with their locating holes, but given the general fit of the parts this a minor matter.

I have another three of the 76mm IG on order from Stan, the Spearhead OOB requires one stand of guns for each battalion. A great find, one that will fill out the 20mm Soviet army nicely. Thanks Stan.