Monday, January 26, 2015

German 1914 Infantry Corps assets in 6mm

Momentous because I really am coming to the end of the pile of unpainted German 1914 figures in 6mm, I've just finished 6 stands of Irregular 1914 Jager (with MMGs) and three stands of engineers. These are Corps assets within the infantry Corps.

The Jager. I put more green 'foliage' on these bases. I thought it was more indicative of their role.

A close-up of one Jager stand.

The three Engineer stands

I thought that when painted these Irregular figures were quite characterful. They look unpromising when unpainted, but suitable wet brush, wash and dry brush really bring their detail out.

Now for a few outstanding French stands (some cavalry and artillery) before I launch into the Russians.


  1. You are like a well oiled painting machine!