Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Progress on the 6mm front

With a renewed enthusiasm for my favourite rules set (Great War Spearhead) I set out to finish painting the pile of 6mm figures I'd bought for the 2008 'The Guns of August' Marne  refight at the National wargames convention in Christchurch New Zealand. There were almost enough figures to complete a third German 1914 infantry division, and with the judicious purchase of half a dozen infantry stands and a couple of MMGs the division was complete.

Now, I must have miscounted because I found that when it came to the last infantry regiment, I had a number of figures spare, so I increased the number of figures per stand from three (for stands using Irregular figures) and four (for stands using Heroics Ros figures) to five figures per stand.

I've not always felt that the visual impact of stands with just three figures really matched my own expectations of what battles should look like. Of course when viewed form the perspective of the entire battle it has always looked fine, but getting down the level of the individual stands, it just looked a little sparse.

Three of the infantry stands with five figures per stand.

The Corps command stand with an additional figure, and a vehicle, added to make the stand look busier.

An earlier iteration with just the three figures per stand.
So the twelfth and last German infantry regiment has just been completed with this larger number of figures, and I like it. This is the last regiment, and provides the completed third infantry division, more than enough for the games I generally play. This is also a huge milestone for that very reason. There are some Jager, and some Engineers, to complete, and a few more 77mm artillery gun stands, and that's it.

I recently bought the figures to complete two Russian divisions for the eastern front, but these were compiled using 1 x 3 figure Irregular base per stand. I am considering ordering that same volume again to put 6 figures (2 strips) on each base. Somehow that feels right for the Russian infantry.

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  1. I'm sure the investment in additional figures will look great Robin.