Friday, May 22, 2015

An unholly alliance

In the beginning was the word. And the word was 'unholly alliance' (well, strictly speaking that's two words, but so it was - "Orcs and... Elves" aggggghhhhhh) and the word spread like ink on a blotter, like molten gold in a mould, from Dwarven Hold to Dwarven Hold. A new evil had arisen, and warriors from Dwarven strongholds from across the land came together to see the end of this new horror.

Elven spearmen advanced with their evil warrior King behind.

T'were even elvish dragons to the fore

And seeming silken elven chariots .. hiding their evil bile behind such sweet facades

But staunch Dwarven warriors stood ready to resist this new horror

Warriors and Dwarven machines advanced in the face of this new evil

While fearsome and evil orcs advanced in their hideous hordes

Dwarven riders launched themselves into the flank of the orc horde

While a wondrous Dwarf machine hit elven abominations in support of glorious dwarf Shieldbreakers

The centre was contested

On the flank hideous orcs brushed off Dwarf cavalry and hit the Dwarf Ironwatch, while the dragon smashed itself into the Dwarf cavalry

The Ironwatch fought valiantly but were beaten and dragged down by such monstrosities

Glorious Shieldbreakers threw themselves the seemingly unstoppable elven cavalry. They must be stopped

Still the tussle proceeded in the centre

And still the cavalry hurled themselves again and again against the hideous flying dragon

Alas the Shieldbreakers fled

But the wondrous Dwarven machine sought its revenge

In the centre the Dwarf warriors gained the ascendancy

And the dwarf organ gun artillery finally smashed the orc horde

Even as the Dwarf King went toe to toe with the Elven Mistress the centre cleared and the hosts of Dwarf warriors stepped out across the piles of dismembered elven bodies.

The field was clear, the 'unholly alliance' had been stopped, but at what cost. Many were the funeral songs that would echo through the Dwarven Holds for months to come, and many would be the grudges recorded in the Great Book of Grudges, awaiting revenge.

The game was fought using the Kings of War rules. Adrian wanted to give his ancient (literally, the figures are starting to suffer metal rot) elves, but didn't have enough figures to run a 1500 point army, and so he made up numbers using his orcs. I used my Dwarf army.


  1. Good battle report, Robin. An enjoyable read.
    Those elf chariots are fantastic.

  2. I loved the chariots as well.. they are the ones with which Adrian is having the 'metal rot' issues. We used them as proxy elven cavalry. Sadly we were late getting a table, and the lighting over the table was poor so the photos don't do them justice.

  3. Nice pictures and amazing chariots!