Sunday, May 17, 2015

This year's painting challenge

Back in 2013 Adrian, Andy and I undertook a 40K Combat patrol 400 point painting challenge. You can see the results here.

The net result was the completion of my L&tD mutants, Adrian's Necrons, and Andy's Guard (well he didn't quite make 400 points. We didn't really want to start new armies, but the painting challenge certainly progresses projects, so this year it's a 40K vehicle challenge.

I've chosen a Defiler to give the L&tD a little more Chaos firepower, although frankly I a much more interested in the enjoyment of painting a very cool model.

Andy is tackling a Dreadnought, and I haven't heard from Adrian yet.. I suspect something Dark Eldar'ish.

Hopefully we'll keep the blog updated with photos of our progress.


  1. You've got time to paint? Well done that man!

    1. The plan is to try and create the time.. that;'s why I invited the other two to participate and make it a challenge. Nothing like a bit of competitive pressure. Here's hoping. Then I'll get back to the 6mm WW1 stuff.. of which I have oodles coming out my ears. Oh, and I want to create Brit and German 20mm armour for 1940 France for our 20mm Spearhead .. for WHEN we get back to playing LOL