Saturday, June 13, 2015

High over Germany ..

Our first outing with the recently arrived Wings of Glory WW2 aircraft, a B17 with P51 escort dares the skies over Germany. Keith, Nick, Andy and I whirled around in combat.

The B17 .. quite an awesome looking beast

With Fw190s making their first pass

The B17 managed to survive the entire game.. she packs an awesome punch

I was flying the P51, and .. yep.. shot down over Germany.. damn.. where are those tin legs?


  1. A great game Robin.

    The B17 certainly has more firepower than I was expecting, but the C damage from the FW were rather nasty as well. I think the German players need to think carefully on the tactics used to engage the B17. But with some combined tactics I think a lone B17 will be in trouble.

    1. Keith
      I agree. Coordinated attacks, especially from the flanks, ought to be lethal.
      A great game, but I think I still really fancy the 'swirling dogfights' of fighters at 20000 feet.

  2. Next time perhaps the Mustangs will take to the air in force then. I look forward to it!


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