Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Painting Challenge progress

Time for an update on the Painting Challenge progress which, quite frankly, has been pedestrian to say the least. An overseas conference and work pressure generally have taken their toll. However I have been pottering away painting parts on sprues to try to make sure that I get a reasonable quality paint finish.

So here were the sprues earlier this evening with many (but not all) parts painted, and ready for assembly.

I managed a little assembly this evening in between outbreaks of marking. More anon.

Adrian it turns out has taken to painting some GW Vostroyans for (maybe) 40K, but also to double as a steam punk army, and Andy is making progress with some Space marines that have sat unassembled in boxes for a number of years along with a Dreadnought.

I'm pestering them for photos.

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