Friday, June 19, 2015

One of those amusing 'trains of thought'.

I've been experiencing one of those 'amusing' trains of thought. You know, when the inner dialogue gets going? Oh,. so you don't hear those voices? Anyway ..

I've had a cunning plan to create forces for the 1940 French campaign in 20mm for Spearhead .. there are lots of great vehicles available now in quick build kit sets.  


Of course it would also really require new infantry forces as well, since the 20mm infantry figures that I have are all later war.

I've been plotting/scheming for about 18 months. However it's quite an undertaking as there are quite a few vehicles. 

Then I realised that my existing 6mm infantry will do for either, I have the German vehicles already, painted in the early war Pz grey, and most of the early war Brit stuff. Interestingly, my first ever 6mm purchases were for Brits for the Queen's Bays, bought in 1974.. I remember the parcel arriving during my bursary exams. Good friend and 'gaming buddy Pete and I were going to game that period, using the old 1st edition WRG rules.

So, for the purchase of about a dozen extra Brit tanks in 6mm the project would be done. I've just shot myself in the foot. Damn.. I was looking forward to the thrill of the purchase, the smell of the glue, the gradual growth of the forces..

Of course, I guess I could always justify the whole thing as a modelling project rather than a 'gaming project couldn't I. 

As if I haven't got enough stuff already, and as if the pile of unpainted lead and plastic isn't large enough already. It's been one of those amusing 'trains of thought' really.

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