Sunday, July 5, 2015

Doh .. what next?

Ever had one of those moments where you complete a model or project and then wonder .. um, what next? Aha ... So many projects, such  a'pile of lead' (figuratively speaking, of course) that you really don't know what to start next.

There's a pile of 6mm WW1 figures for Great War Spearhead, the 28mm Perry's figures ready and waiting for the next Kings of War army (and the 2nd Edition of their rules only weeks away), the 15mm figures all ready for the DBR Ottoman army, and .. actually it really does go on. I think I've posted this sort of list before.

In the face of all of that I opted for more of a modelling project. A month of so ago I picked up a selection of Chaos Space Marine Bikers in varying states of repair for a very reasonable price from a generous local 'gamer. There were 6 complete bikes, and enough parts to complete another 2, while in amongst my spares from other second hand purchases are the parts to complete another one or two on top of al of that. So .... here goes.

Yep, my painting desk and tray really are that messy...

Bits and pieces being sorted and assembled ready for assembly.

Painting may be a bit of a challenge as they are mostly already assembled. I prefer to pre-paint as much as I can before assembly (it's just a different approach). First task is to complete assembly of the incomplete models using the variety of parts I've managed to 'excavate' from the spares box.

I'll see you on the other side.....

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  1. I would hardly call that space messy Robin. Good progress and a good deal by the sounds of it.


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