Sunday, July 5, 2015

In passing .. a Space Marine Company HQ

Before I tackled the Defiler I came across four Space Marines (the last four from a previous second hand purchase), and thought I might as well paint them up. I thought 3 might serve as a company HQ to accompany a SM Captain, while the fourth was someone else's conversion for a company Champion.

They've sat on top of the paints drawer almost finished, as I realised that 3 of them were missing power armour shoulder pads (not to be confused with the '80's fashion abominations of the same name). While 'ratting' through the spares box yesterday looking for SM Biker parts for the Chaos Bikers I came across some spare shoulder pads, so thought I might as well get these fellows sorted too.

The photos aren't quite up to the usual standard.. but you get the idea.

They are painted in the baroque bronze and purple colour scheme that I chose for my own Chapter invention 'Les Voies Sacre' .. my WW1 leanings are apparent there).

Righto, back to those bikes.. mind you I have a few 6mm 1940 Brit vehicles I ought to base up for some ratting good 1940 France Spearhead action too .. just a few A13s, a couple of A9s and several Vickers Mk VIs.. ooo go on, you know you want to!!! Problem is I need just a few more on top of the ones I already have to finish that project, nah seriously just a few, honest Lorraine. It finishes that project too. Really.. it does.

Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed, it's term break!!

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