Tuesday, September 8, 2015

6mm vehicles - quick 'runs on the board'

Had these undercoated, with bases ready to go, for several weeks, so it seemed a good idea to get some more quick painting 'runs on the board' by finishing them tonight. These are the 6mm British vehicles for the 1940 British army.

There are some Mk I Matildas, some A9s, A10s, and one extra A13 to offer a couple of armoured options for the British. Specifically I can do a couple of armoured regiment options, and also an independent armoured brigade with the Matildas.

The vehicles on the painting board

One of the A9s

The ever glorious Matilda Mk I

That saw some quick runs on the board with that side of the project completed. Now to the 20mm armour that has been sitting partially finished.


  1. They look excellent Robin. They must be almost ready to move to the front.

    1. Keith
      The 1940 Brits could take the table now.. pretty much done (although I may have ended up literally 1 or 2 vehicles short because of a miscount, and the fact that H/R sent me a turret but no hull for one vehicle).

      When you get back, we must get a few more outings on the tabve.

    2. I look forward to it. Though, I'm a bit worried about all the light tanks...


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