Thursday, September 10, 2015

Settling in to the 20mm France 1940 project

It was the Christchurch annual Bring and Buy last weekend and yes I did spend a little. Well VERY little actually. I picked up this 1/72 scale Pzkw II from Tony. Yep that was all.. no seriously, with all that goodness available there.. that was ALL I bought. But I needed (yes NEEDED) it for the 1940 France project using the Spearhead rules. With the 6mm army for the same theatre/period pretty much done, it was time to turn the attention back to the 20mm version so that Nick and I can enjoy some more Spearhead 'gaming goodness.

The PzII as purchased

The same Pzkw II repainted for France 1940

And the two kids posing together. Lovely looking family, aren't they

Now here is that Kubelwagon I began on the 12 hour paint-a-thon. It'll make a nice artillery observer stand.

You may also recall the Pzkw IIIs and IVs that I bought from Gerard. I decided to add my own little bit of flavour to these, so I first gave them a wash with Citadel's Nuln Oil wash. This turned out to be a bad move. There appeared to be a chemical reaction between the base paint and the wash. I'd seen this the week before when I applied the Nuln oil to Tamiya German Grey, but I'd forgotten this when I gave the tanks a wash (yep, a slow learner). This meant that I had to touch them up, and then give them a wash using watered down black paint. They were finished with a simple and crude lining out using a dark grey.

The five Pzkw IIIs completed and ready for table top action. I may yet give them all a base.

One of the Pzkw IIIs in detail


  1. Looking good Robin. Nice refurbishments.

  2. Good stuff Robin. And nice save! I'll bring my Hurricane...(and I've got two early Pz IIIs + a Stuka)...the rest of my stuff's late war. So the Expeditionary Force Brits will rocking out with M-10s and Fireflies!

  3. Interesting. All modellers should probably be aware that Tamiya paints are not true acrylics (high isopropyl alcohol content - hence the stench) and when used in conjunction with pretty much anything except other Tamiya products there is some risk of bad results.

    Cheers, Dave


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