Sunday, November 29, 2015

Heroics Ros 1914 Russian artillery

I bought the figures to finish the 1914 Russian army for 1914/15 this time last year (the receipt is till in the box). I've been pretty slack on the painting front these past few months .. just far too much work on. However I managed to get a regiment of Russian 76mm guns finished today. They are quite nice (as always with the Heroics & Ros models).


  1. Very impressive models Robin.

    1. Thanks Keith.. their guns are nice. Now for the Irregular infantry for the divisions. Then I suspect they need some Turks and some Austro Hungarians to fight against as well as the Germans. I am exercising restraint though.

  2. Next comes world domination! I can understand the draw of course. I have been tidying up and the glint of unpainted lead is fresh fresh in my mind.


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