Sunday, December 6, 2015

A crazy idea .. making use of an interesting 'toy'

Spotted this tiny Matchbox toy plane in the supermarket a few weeks ago. It just looked delightfully 'ork'ish' and an ideal candidate for a flyer for a HotT army.

So here it is.. after a little modification to the underbelly so that it could be mounted on a flyer stand, and sporting it's ork'ish paint scheme .. well more rusting bare metal than paint per se. It just needs mounting on its HotT base and .. job done.

There is only one small problem with the plan: I don't have an orc army.  Still, I've never let that stop me in the past.


  1. Great work! I'll have to try and find one of these for my not-Orc GZG mercenaries.

  2. That looks sooo coool! What size/scale is it?

    1. Not sure you could identify a 'scale' as such .. it's about 8cm long. When I saw it I just thought.. gotta have that..



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