Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Italian wars ...

Some random photos form a game Adrian and I fought a couple of weeks ago... a battle from the Italian Wars (1852 ish?? .. Garibaldi against the Neopolitans). The game was fought using our usual Volley and Bayonet rules, and Adrian's immaculate 15mm armies. The buildings are some of Adrian's superb scratch built 15mm Italian towns.

The game went right down to the wire. There was one strength point in it, Garibaldi winning on the very last turn. This is the sort of game that makes the hobby worth while.. nail biting, and so much fun!!!!


WWW1 arillery stand

After a flurry of painting activity (you can always tell when it's a term break), in 15mm (French Ordonnance for DBA) and 6mm (1940 Fre...