Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Slow start to the summer painting and 'gaming fest

Working in a school tends to mean that there's too little time for painting and 'gaming in term time, but correspondingly a lot more time over the summer especially, when the long break between years occurs. This summer has seen quite a late start to the summer of hobby stuff, but here is a start.

In those occasional moments over the past month of so I've been pottering away at painting and basing a box of 6mm figures I bought in December 2014.. sufficient Irregular Miniatures WW1 Russians to complete my mandatory two divisions (a corps). I'm not there yet, but here is the latest update: four regiments completed so far (the photo shows five because I'd completed a regiment several years ago).

The five regiments so far

A wee closeup of  a regimental command stand
There are another three regiments (plus some cavalry) to go. I'm hoping to have these ready for the forthcoming eastern front scenario book that Shawn and Robert hope to have out soon. Of course I think I may need some Austro-Hungarians, and some Turks, to match up against these guys in addition the Germans already completed.

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