Saturday, January 30, 2016

Another generous donation gratefully received

When around for a game last week, Andy brought me a delightful surprise box. Generosity is a trait I value, try to maintain in myself, and am always grateful for when on the receiving end. So what did the box bring for me?

Two Pzkw Is, a Kubelwagon, an Sdkfz 7 &, and a command halftrack (250?).

But wait, there was more: A Tiger II, a Panther, a PzkwIV F2, and a couple of StuGs.

And, again painted for the early war project, an 88 flak gun, something I've lacked altogether, a truck and another Sdkfz 7. There was also a 75mm AT gun in there.

Fin ally some assorted infantry painted in early war field grey.

What a haul. The real challenge is finding the time to get the games that use these on the table.


  1. What planet are you on where people continue to throw minis at you? Fantastic haul!

  2. Ski
    Fantastic haul indeed... our group just has a generous streak... we all seem to end up from time to time with stuff that we don't need.. and we look for others who might be able to use it. When we shifted out prior to demolition of our house I passed on a lot of stuff that had sat for 30 years untouched. 'What goes around comes around' as they say.

  3. Excellent haul Robin! A far lot of classics in there!


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