Saturday, July 2, 2016

Impetuous pirates swept aside ... arrrrrrrr

First game for a few weeks, and Adrian and I opted for a small game combo: a HotT game followed by a small renaissance Armati game (there was a beer in there, too).

I grabbed my two new HotT armies, orcs and pirates, and opted to field the pirates myself.

The pirates were defending, and ended up with a large forest in the centre of their deployment zone. No idea what came over me but I decided to advance out of the forest even though there were two orc chariots (knights) fast approaching. What's worse, I didn't double rank them.. this was never going to end well.

The lines approach
I'd thought that I'd attach the flanks with the airboat on the left, and the hero and magician on the right. Well, it seemed like a good plan at the time.....

Starved of PIPs, the airboat was well out of the action, and the hero on the right, supported by the magician, managed to lose combats twice

The 'hero' recoiled by an orc war band
The lines hit...

The pirate line disintegrated, losses included the pirate general ... and it was all over

At least the pirate air boat looked pretty

... as did the pirate magicians (the sirens on the rocks)

So then it was Muscovites vs Ottomans in an Armati renaissance stoush. Just a few photos of Adrian's beautiful 15mm figures (mostly Mike's Models IIRC).

Suffice it to say that I commanded the Muscovite army, and was for the second time in the evening handed my 'head on a pike'.

A great evening with two awesome games.

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