Saturday, January 7, 2017

An evil alliance arises

Caruthers re-read the despatch lying on the bed sheets beside him. Damn this bally leg, damn that blasted steradon, damn it to hell. The cheek of it. Charging just as he took aim. An absolute bloody liberty. Hell's teeth, this was no time to be stuck on a ruddy camp bed.

"Jones" he bellowed "where in damnation are you man? Jones!".
"Sir?" came the plaintive cry as a head poked through between the tent flaps.
"Get me Brigadier Nicholas, and be quick about it man, there's not a moment to lose"
"Sir" and Jones backed quickly out beneath the tent flap.

Reports. Reports blast it, and bally disturbing reports at that. Reports of disparate forces of evil coming together like never before, and Caruthers stuck on his back. Nicholas would have to deal with it, no two ways about it.

"Jones, damn it all. Nicholas, where are you man? Hurry up or we'll be in a right buggers' muddle".

So, the scene is set for another 72 point Big Battle HotT game, with the VSF army pitched against an evil forces combo of Undead, Spiders and Orcs. This was Nick's first game in several years as he stood in for the injured Major General Caruthers, while I fielded the newly arisen evil alliance.

Brigadier Nicholas ponders his deployment as he prepares to attack the forces of evil.

The evil alliance had formed as the result of some crafty work by the spider queen, to whom the honor had been graciously granted (ahem!!) to lead the army as a whole..

The Spider Queen, flanked by her Hero (sigh.. heart throb) on her right, and a behemoth mountain troll form her orc allies on her left.

The Undead were lead by that greatest of necromancers Count Dracula, his necromantic skills supported with the powers of his greatest magicians.

Meanwhile the orc'ish hordes counted amongst their number three fearsome units of orc chariots (Knights), their general commanding from the platform of one of them. In the background is the madcap aerial device of their great aerial hero.

The British forces lined up against them under Brigadier Nicholas' command. Off table, and due tia rrive any second, was the great mechanical dragon.

The forces advanced against each other in the centre, but played 'footsie' with each other on the flanks. Orc'ish warband and bladed being uncharacteristically cautious on the right.

The orc right is supported by the aerial hero.

With very little hoopla at all, Spider Man, the spider Queen's great good, arrived and took his place in support of her.

Spider Hordes held up in bad going.

The centres clash

The massive mountain troll goes head to head with the great steam powered mechanical robot

A massive blow from the troll brings the steam robot crashing down, and a hole opens up in the British line

There's a lot of 'argy bargy along the line

Finally the fiendish Orc scientist has  a brainwave ( a rarity, you understand) and flies into the rear of Brigadier Nicholas and his body guard of fine British lancers.

And it's all over, Nicholas lying somewhere pinned beneath his horse (or worse, those orc were hungry after a heap of fighting).

The battle came to a premature end, just at a point where it appeared to be shaping up to be an epic tussle, with Nick's loss of his CnC. He'd lost more other elements than the evil forces (well in fact the evil alliance had lost none).

Caruthers would mourn the loss of a much loved fellow officer, eager to get out of his bed and have his revenge non those evil B***ds. This evil alliance was a real threat to the progress of the Empire (please all stand for 'God save the Queen' .. no.. no .. no.. not the Spider Queen .. oh, for heavens sake.. )


  1. Ha! Bally bad news about that Nicholas fellow, what what? Bah, but the Empire will prevail against these neer'do-wells. A cup of tea, and we'll be back at it. Huzzah!

  2. Bally bad news indeed Sir Nick... Caruthers is intent on rewengeee



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