Sunday, January 1, 2017

Still painting 1914 Austro-Hungarians

Our summer break/holiday this year has included a trip to New Zealand's beautiful Golden Bay. The area is a gorgeous part of the country with areas of relatively untouched New Zealand. Taking coffee in a garden in which Tui and Fantails sit and call is something pretty amazing.

However back home again, and the painting table calls. In progress is the completion of the eastern front Austro-Hungarian army which has been 'in play' as it were for a couple of years at least.

I have just finished a regiment of Austrian 75mm mountain guns, for no particular reason that that I like the look of these guns. Tis gives me two on table regiments.

The HaT Austrian 75mm mountain guns

I also had an incomplete infantry regiment, something IO'd overlooked, so four extra stands and a regimental HQ were the order of the day there. I have modified my painting style a little, leaving less black showing through, and applying a wash and subsequent highlight. I was after something a little more subtle. I like the result a little more.

Finally from this batch is a second divisional HQ, and a Corps HQ.

Of course there is an agenda here - to be able to fight some of the scenarios from Shawn's latest scenario book Summer Harvest available for purchase here, featuring scenarios from the Russian/Austrian battles of 1914.

All I need is the 'gaming time, and some willing opponents. The former seems to be the biggest obstacle at the moment.


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