Sunday, August 6, 2017

Those men .. always fighting .. sigh....

Having been collecting armies sine the early 1970s, I like to be able to repurpose armies rather than dispose of figures often lovingly collected and painstakingly painted. I have a reasonable sized Early Imperial Roman army collected for DBM. It has sat unused since the late 90's. So, I thought, why not repurpose it as a Kingdoms of Men army for Kings of War? No rebasing required (although regiments would be slightly wider than the prescribed base width, it still tends to work out.

Andy brought along his own almost completed Kingdoms of Men army (in the style of Medieval - or old school GW Brettonian), and my EIRs came out of their boxes for the first time in a very long time .. the figures were walking clutching white canes, so long has it been since they saw daylight!!! Adrian and I commanded the Romans.. this was as much about good fellowship as it was about the game.

Medieval on the left, EIR on the right

Regiments of EIR legionaries made up the Roman centre

A horde of warriors on the Roman left made for the weaker archer based Medieval centre, hoping that their own cavalry could hold up the knights on the Medieval right

Meanwhile the legionary regiments advanced against Andy's solid pike centre

The Roman centre was supported by two ballistae
The Roman cavalry on the left were despatched very promptly by the medieval knights .. ouch

The knights threaten the flank of the Horde of legionaries. The centres are about to clash

Lots of pushing and shoving in the centre... those pike are tough

The centres continue to push, and the legionary horde closes in on some archers

Ouch.... it's all good fun until someone gets a stick (pike) in the eye, eh!!

Legionaries take it to an opposing warrior regiment

Roman cavalry attack medieval knights... and the knights disappear

The misguided legionary horde gets hit in the rear by knights.. yep, my own incompetence put them there. It didn't end well for the legionaries

The Romans make headway in the centre

Those medieval knights turn to take on some archers, having just removed the legionary horde

Archers and warriors are hit by Roman legionaries, and two units of Roman knights... ouch ouch ouch

There is almost nothing left of the medieval army.... 
But what a thoroughly enjoyable evening of gaming... great to get those Romans out on the table again. There were Minifigs Legionaries from the 1980s, Airfix Roman eastern archers from the 1970s and Foundry legionaries for the 90s.. a very eclectic mix of figures...


  1. Yeah - excellent! I kick my self at least once a month thinking about all of the Warhammer Armies I sold off years ago.


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