Thursday, December 21, 2017

Turkish Horse .... bringing the old to the new

I have developed a clear view of the world and nation I am trying to reflect with the VSF Turkish army. It will be a prime opponent of the British VSF army, yet I want it to look, feel, and work in terms of 'game play', differently from the British. This is a nation with proud traditions, yet one not hide bound by the past. It reflects new technologies with it's liking for airboats. It mixes the best of the old, with lancers and cavalry, alongside the best of the new with the latest mystically powered cycles. Magic combines with technology as Daemon Gods are summoned alongside mystical flying carpets. This is a rich world.

To reflect more of the traditional, the army includes traditional horse mounted riders. Turkey was after all a nation that could point to a proud tradition of horsemen and women.

So the latest figures to be completed are these four bases of 'Riders'. These are from the Strelets Turkish Cavalry 1877 set.

Here is the 'Rider' Corps - horse and cycle mounted.

And here now the army at 60 points - not far from the goal of 72 army points for Big battle HotT.


  1. Awesome! This is such a great collection you're putting together.

  2. Great looking Turkish horse units!