Sunday, December 17, 2017

Turkish VSF lancers

Expanding the range of troop types in a HotT (Hordes of the Things) fantasy army while being true to one's mental model of what that fantasy army should be is a fascinating exercise.

My perception of the British VSF army, for example, had the horse reigning supreme when it came to land based mobility, reflecting  a long period of historical dominance on the battlefield, and the entrenched nature of the 'cavalry' in military tradition. So the riders are all horse mounted, and the knights are all lancers.

My 'mental model' for the Turkish army is different. In my mind, this is an army less hide bound by tradition, looking to engage more with technology. This meant that some of its riders are 'bicycle' mounted (although I'd use the term in its loosest sense). However there are still those traditional elements. In the Strelets box of Turkish cavalry there are figures that are definitely lancers, and it felt right to have a base of lancers/knights in the army (but far fewer bases than in the British equivalent).

So here is a base of Turkish lancers (yes, just the one).

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