Monday, April 12, 2010

Wargaming Butterfly? Me? NEVER!!!!!

I am truly a wargaming 'social butterfly. Last week it was a 28mm Warmachine Steam Robot, and the week before 20mm British colonial infantry, both for the VSF HotT army.

Now it's 6mm German mid war armoured infantry for the mid war Spearhead armies. These Ros Heroics Sdkfz 251 and infantry will supplement the infantry and armour that already sit in their draws waiting expectantly for action. Their Russian opposition are also getting a little jumpy with lack of action.

Still to come are a couple of battalions of PzIV F2, and some Flak.

Also on the paint board are the 17pdr and 6pdr AT supplement for the late war British, and infantry for another infantry battalion. Looking forward to some action with these guys.

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