Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cadian 198th...Hoorah!!

When I bought the Imperial Guard figures that have formed the basis of my Inquisitorial forces (until the next Codex changes things.. soon??) the big attractions were a reasonable price, and the fact that almost all of them were painted. However there were a few that weren't. So, as the Cadian 198th recruits, I have had to paint these figures. Fine, no big deal, except that I really needed to match the existing paint scheme and technique as closely as possible so that these new figures would fit with the remainder of the figures. Only issue for me was that Elliot (the painter of the original figures) had used washes whereas I use layering. So the challenge was on: replicate the existing colour scheme using washes.

Here is the result, and my first attempts at using washes on this scale. Not quite an exact match, but close.... (close enough for a cigar, anyone??)


  1. Wow!!
    Its good to see them painted and based nicely! I think they would match the rest of the army perfectly!!
    Now to the gaming table!! :D


  2. Elliot

    Yep.. they do fit in nicely....you have to look hard to tell them apart.

    And as you say, now to the gaming table... sigh!!!

    Kind regards


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