Saturday, March 19, 2011

The English had such a civil war...

My long time hankerings for renaissance 'gaming were finally appeased tonight. I last played DBR some 20 years ago, and gave up in disgust at the time. Since then I've tried Armati, which is great, but only a few of us play it. I bought Armati 2 on the strength of some fantastic games with Adrian, only to find that the new edition no longer covered the renaissance period. I was really annoyed. So I began to eye up DBR again. Finally tried two games tonght with Keith, using condensed scale.

Verdict? Fantastic... I've lost the demons of 20 years ago (or they are lurking, waiting to leap out when I least expect them?).

We played these two games, Keith's parliamentarians against my Royalists, in 15mm. Keith's army is Mikes Models figures, while most of mine is (I think) Naismith figures, with a few FreiKorps thrown in for good measure.

In the first game in true Royalist fashion Rupert took the Royalist cavalry on a long flank march and attacked and looted the Parliamentarian camp. It was a risky tactic, but it paid off. My comment was that it was a tactic borne from ignorance more than anything else.

The Roylist cavalry begin their long march around the flank.

Evil threatening Parliamentarians.

A solitary unit of Royalist cavaliers holds up the Royalist right long enough!!

The Royalist cavalry sweep around and take out the camp.

Second game.. I was much more traditional in my approach.

The Royalist lines ...

Oh, and the Parliamentarian lines...

More Royalists!!

But there were these Parliamentarian cavalry you see...

Well frankly this one really fell apart for me... and it was one game each...

I failed to make any kind of effective use of the Royalist cavalry (those Pi(F)). Maybe it's the unconventional approach that I need to maintain, or maybe just making good use of those cavalry would do the trick.

However they were two great games.. I may be a new DBR convert...


  1. What, no comment to indicate the Roundhead cavalry were attacking the Royalist camp at the same time? Though I admit this attack was certainly not as effective.

    If I recall the Roundhead cavalry were defeated by some of the camp guards and were last seen galloping back to London! No doubt hunting for more Papists.

    Two excellent games in my book as well. I look forward to future games, and Royalist defeats of course...

  2. One forgets the les imnportant things ... so did we play a second game???

    I only remember Rupert rampaging through Parliamentarian baggage...

    I think we'll join you on that hunt for Papists, I'm sure they were involved in some devious dealings...undermining the forces of the King!!!

  3. Clearly you have a selective memory. Typical Royalist! Your report is clearly similiar to "Mercurius Aulicus" the Royalist newsletter.

    As to the Papists, they are everywhere. All seeking protection form your Papist Queen...

  4. Selective memory??? Never...

    And what's this about a parliament?

  5. Looks like a great game. I quite like DBR myself, but I'm starting to gravitate more towards Basic Baroque (the Renaissance version of Basic Impetus). Super fun, in my opinion.

  6. Parliament, its something the King calls when he is in needs to a money for an army to face an invasion by the Scots.

    Speaking of which I must get on to organising some Scots...


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