Monday, March 14, 2011

Post 'quake reconstruction

Seems frivolous in the light of more recent events in Japan, but in Christchurch we are all still grappling with the job of reconstructing our lives, lives that will never be the same again, as lives have been lost, and the material fabric of our city has been torn apart. However for each of us there are small things that psychologically make a difference.

For me, after just under 4 weeks I finally got the courage to get into the 'games room and start the cleanup. So far so good. While boxes of figures had been turned every which way, the actiual damage appears to be far less than I'd feared.

Here is a look inside the box of Dwarves (GW 28mm for WFB).

This has been typical of the boxes. However the figures by and large have been in pretty good shape. I spent half an hour last night 'untangling' the 15mm Royalists. The only damage was a rider off a horse, two standards requiring regluing to their figures, and one figure broken off at the ankles. All have been repairable with a dose or two of superglue.

I feel able to face my hobby again. Now I just need to overcome the enormous sense of lethargy that at times overwhelms me, and play some games. One day at a time, one step at a time ...

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  1. It will be good to get you back around the wargames table.

    I had very mixed emotions about playing games in Wellington the other week, but after I got over the guilt I enjoyed it. The last few months has caused much reflection. I'm sure it will continue.