Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Odd ideas...

We have just unpacked a battery powered emergency or camping light. Lorraine had ordered it a few weeks before the big earthquake, and apparently it arrived at her work on the day of the quake. It has sat there for 3 weeks. We could have done with it when huddled around candles for 2 weeks.

So anyway, as we unpacked it in the glare of modern electrical lights (we got electricity back on a week ago.. woohoo), my first sense of excitement arose not with the lamp but with the packing around the lamp (odd I guess, but 40+ years as a 'gamer leaves scars!!).

While I'm not a regular WH40K 'gamer, I have an eye for material that can create scenery for the 40K table top, and this was it!!!

Proton accelerator? Imperial Guard research facility? I reckon that the usual treatment with a spray can, and a dry brush, with a few accessories, might do the trick. However I have a habit of acquiring this stuff, then throwing it out 5 years later.. watch this space.

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