Monday, May 28, 2012

Battles in fantasy lands

This week it was Kings of War again.. I'd added a unit of cavalry to the dwarves (Goblin Spider Riders as proxy 'fierce' berserkers. Andy fielded his Humans.. still only partly painted.. sigh!!

Andrew had joined us, and was very aggressive on the human left, pushing some Outriders in front while forming up for an attack with knights and archers.

ON the human right, the dwarven left as seen here, I sued a steel behemoth (the Gyrocopter) in conjunction with some Berserkers and Ironguard, to destroy a unit of knights.

In the centre the Dwarf Ironguard horde advanced, supported by an Ironguard regiment, to attack the human centre. We'd already weakened the human right sufficiently to eliminate any threat to our flank as we advanced.

However we exposed out right to another unit of knights, I'd kept the Dwarven cavalry in reserve to guard the flank, but simply got my positioning wrong.. oh well. someone's gonna get hurt ..

The knights were then able to take on the Berserker cavalry, but weren't able to eliminate them, and the game ended.. 6 turns just like that.

The game was a draw, even if Andy had got his points wrong, and fielded an under strength force.

The armies were meant to be 1750 points (well mine was, anyway). The buildings were scratch built by Andy.

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