Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finishing Fillers...

Still on the finishing spree.. some time  ago I bought some miscellaneous Fantasy figures (some GW Dwarves). They came with the spiders I painted recently. Not enough figures for a whole unit, so what was I going to do with them? I'd planned some unit fillers, figures I could put in the centre of a Dwarven block to pad out numbers. There were some Dwarf shooters (Ironguard in Kings of War terms), and some Miners (I'm using these figures as KoW Shieldbreakers). There was also the 'pit pony with wagon, I figured this could go in the centre of a unit of Shieldbreakers.

So here is the result. I have to base the pony and wagon, but apart from that ...

... here's another job 'FINISHED'... I love ticking things off lists. Only problem is that in hobby terms, I keep adding items to the bottom of the list faster than I'm ticking them off.

I just have to stop trying to tell myself that I'm any different from any other 'gamer!!!

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