Monday, May 28, 2012

French demise in Spain...

A few shots from last week's Volley and Bayonet game, set in the Peninsular, with French vs Anglo-Spanish. Adrian took the Allied forces, and I commanded the French.
I have to say that this was definitely not my most stellar performance!!

The French advanced in typical glorious French style (how else??).

They occupied the double town sector.. and that's where the trouble began,

The British forces, including some Scots shock troops, assaulted the town, and bounced the French right out.. ouch!!

I advanced the French centre against the corps boundary between English and Spanish.. I was sure I sensed a weak spot. The French attack bounced the Spanish and British units, but were left with their flank exposed. Adrian is always ready to come to the party when issued with any tempting invitation..

This flank attack was responsible for destroying n the French centre.

The French right had been advancing and pressuring the Spanish cavalry, exhausting the cavalry with fire. Adrian felt that the M4 cavalry was too weak to charge the French Brigades.

But with the French centre crumbling the fate of the French army was sealed .. as I said, not my best work!!

However for all that, another superb Volley and bayonet game. We fought using my 25mm armies. The buildings were scratch built.

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