Monday, July 16, 2012

20mm Spearhead Re-basing ...

Today's progress (amongst marking and lesson preparation for term 3,  management planning for curriculum development, and walking the dog) on the 20mm Spearhead project. These are the Russians... and I've based up four Spearhead battalions, enough for two under strength infantry regiments (since that's what I have in my current Russian 1943 attack list).

This is a command base from 20 years ago, again I have no idea which manufacturer they are from, but the officer is very cool, and I thought the motorcyclist was very appropriate. While it's not on a 1.25" square base, I don't think I'll re-base it, the existing base will do fine. The irregular base should have no impact on game play.

This has meant I got nothing done on the Combat Patrol 400 point painting challenge.. that's tonight's task.

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