Monday, July 16, 2012

RnR ... Soviets for 20mm Spearhead

So this term break has been characterised by th goold old RnR.

That's "Rock n Roll" (Lorraine and I are competitive RnR dancers), "Rest n Recreation", and now .. "Re-vamp n Re-base".

Nick G, bless 'im, has given me a bit of a bug for the old 20mm WW2 as we have been playing Spearhead with 20mm figures. Normally I play WW2 games using 6mm figures, but there has long been this mass of 20mm stuff that has sat there un-used for almost two decades. I re-based German and British infantry for Crossfire, but the Russians have languished in their boxes (apart from those that I based for a Soviet HotT army last year).

I've decided to make a start.

There are several drawers of the good old Airfix Russians:

And a few Black Sea Fleet Marines (can't recall the manufacturer, lost in the mists of time, I'm afraid):

So I'll re-base them, and then they'll get a little re-vamp, after all most of them were painted in the 1970s. I'll most likely do a touch up of the paint, and then a couple of washes with Citadel Badab Black I think. That's usually enough to bring out whatever detail that they have. I'm not looking for a large investment in time or money, even though there are better Russian figures on the market these days, and I'd paint them very differently to the good old block painting technique that most of us used in the 70s. They just aren't  my main focus, but they might as well be used I reckon. There's the added bonus that I can use them for Crossfire games.

And as I've said previously with reference to my 25mm Napoleonic figures, these old style figures with their 70s paint jobs do have a certain charm.


  1. Nick
    The Black Sea Fleet marines mean that your Germans will definitely be fighting around Sevastopol somewhere.. I suspect that historically the Marines may well count as green troops though??LOL