Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CP Painting Challenge: L&tD

Next stage completed in my 400 point Combat patrol painting challenge, a squad of chaos space marines. I am using the list possibilities from the Codex 'Eye of Terror' which allows some troops choices from Codex: Chaos Space Marines (no idea what the new rules and Codices will allow).

I think these are 'Night Lords'. For some reason these didn't inspire me as much as the Traitors, so I'm not sure the paint job is quite what I would have liked. The old 'close up photography' is pretty unforgiving.

I need to work out the total points values now and see how close I am to the 400 points. But that's another project ticked off the list "To be finished". Now back to 6mm (from the sublime to the ridiculous?) as I have five stands of FAO and AGC to paint for the 1944 British.

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