Thursday, October 4, 2012

IG Sentinels...

I run hot and cold on the whole GW and 40K genre. I still think the miniatures are fantastic, and (again) quite some time go, when I was running hot on 40K I bought two Imperial Guard Sentinels. I reckon these look fantastic, very Star Wars. I finally got around to assembling them last week, and finished painting them today (in between bouts of holiday marking). They may even get a run around on the table tonight, as Adrian and I have a smallish 40K game planned. I can't say that I'm strictly adhering to any Lost and the Damned codex, and I thought that just as Guard troopers etc might well have gone over to the dark side, why couldn't a Sentinel squadron.

These two 'vehicles' can double up as a part of either a traditional IG army, or as a part of the L&tD army.. jolly good show, what's next?

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