Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And now for something ...

... completely different. I placed these zombie figures on the pins ready for painting a week or so ago, and then got sidetracked with the 20mm Spearhead modelling. However they had to be done as additions to the 20mm HotT Undead army.

The figures have created two Beasts bases (Zombie dogs) ...

And three bases of zombie Hordes (these seem to be the 'flavour of the month' in our popular culture at the moment - no idea why,  I'm obviously missing something).

I have a bit of a plan to expand two of the HotT armies to three commands to play Big Battle HotT. The Undead and the British VSF are the likely candidates at the moment, with expansion 'sort of' under way with each of them. This one might take some time though with the other distractions around.


  1. Good work. I like the browns on the doggies, and the tomb stones are a very nice touch!

  2. Those are nice! I thought the current flavor of the week in gaming was Dark Ages Britain though - Saxons, Vikings, flea-infested rats, bad food...

  3. Ski
    Gaming wise you are probably right. I was thinking more of the 'infestation' of zombie apocalypse type TV programmes that we are currently 'weathering' here in NZ...

    Kind regards