Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lost and the Damned outing #3

The Lost and the Damned seem to be perpetually lost and damned... funny that. Choosing to take on those tin men, the Necrons again, may not have been such a good idea, even though they say success in their previous meeting. This time we played 600 points, although we still applied the Combat Patrol force limitations.

On their right the Mutants ran forward to tackle the Necron left, supported by the two Traitor Sentinels.

The centre was held by the Chaos Space Marines supported by a unit of Traitors and a squad of Auto cannons, with another unit of Traitors on the left.

The mutants doubled forward ready to attack the unit of Necron warriors holding their left, but these were supported by a large Necron Stalker.. ooo darn, this may not end well. The Stalker assaulted the Mutants and the few remaining mutants broke and fled.

The Traitors on the left doubled forward to attack the Necron right, but those warriors were spoiling for a fight and after a round of Gaus Rifle fire they advanced to take the fight to the Traitors.

They quickly despatched that unit, but were then hit in the flank by the Traitors that had advanced in the centre.

The Chaos Space Marines assaulted the Wraiths that had emerged from cover to protect the central unit of warriors.

The Mutants disappeared in a wave of blood and gore, allowing the Necron left to advance. A battle developed between the Stalker and the Sentinels.

With Traitors and CSM's locked in combat, and the Stalker immobilized, the game came to an end. The L&tD casualties were significant with one unit of Traitors and the Mutants eliminated. All of the Necron units were still in place. The Wraiths had been reduced to two stands, and the Stalker had been immobilized, but each of the three Warrior units had lost only one of two figures.

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