Monday, December 30, 2013

Aha, finally some magicians and dinosaurs ...

"Aha, this is more like it ... magicians, giant apes and dinosaurs -  much more my cup of tea don't you know" muttered Caruthers as his forces advanced on the third day of their invasion.

He pushed forward with:

1 x Bayonet wielding British infantry blades general (Caruthers)
2 x Bayonet wielding British infantry
2 x Shooters
1 x Airboat
1 x Gardner gun artillery
2 x 17th Lancers knights
1 x Steam powered robot behemoth

Facing him were peoples and creatures from a long lost tribe (although after the battle they commented that they had known where they were all along, and had never really felt lost at all):

1 x Warband general
1 x Witch doctor magicians
2 x Warbands
1 x Jolly large dinosaur behemoth
2 x Pterodactyl flyers
1 x Slightly smaller dinosaurs beasts

and hopefully their huge Ape God (the big KK himself apparently).

The ape God appeared ...

.. and the very next move disappeared again.. apparently not enough had been sacrificed for him to stay ...

Caruthers split his line and advanced.

The magician witch doctors were apparently too busy killing sacrifices in the sacred grove to fire much in the way of incantations at the British.

The Pterodactyls advanced to stop the lancers advancing on their stronghold.

Slowly the lancers pushed the flyers back as the remainder of the lines collided.

The warband general was lost and the tribes people fled back into their stronghold.


In all fairness, this was one of those weird games. It has been a long time since I have seen player with such bad luck as Nick experienced in this game. His God appeared, and then disappeared in the very next turn. He scored one other movement pip die roll of '6' in the game. Every other roll was in fact a '1', a '2', and in one case a '3'. He was genuinely unable to get a single magic attack off in the entire game, and was constantly starved of pips. The few combat die rolls he had were also very low. I think that Nick could justifiably feel aggrieved at lady luck's performance on this one... he is muttering about 'next time', with good reason.

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